About us

Precision in metal

Our motto “Precision in metal” means much more to us than just the turning, milling and grinding of high-quality CNC parts according to individual requirements. At Harry Roth you can expect decades-long experience and a profound expertise with which we personally advise and support you both in your small and large projects. You can therefore always rely on a contact that knows and understands your needs and wishes down to the finest detail. And you can be confident that your challenges will be managed on time, economically and in top quality. Guaranteed!

Your Robert Bischoff (Managing Director)

Convince and inspire with a wide range of qualities

“Of course, the core issue is the maximum quality of our CNC parts. However, combined with competent advice, efficient production processes and punctual delivery, our customers benefit from a comprehensive package with which we convince and inspire you anew for each project. It is no wonder that we have so many long-term customers. Let yourself be inspired too!”